July 15, 2008

TWD - Chocolate Pudding

This week's selection was chosen by Melissa of Melissa's Kitchen. Her's looks beautiful with whipped cream and springles on top.

My book is officially broken in - I got chocolate stains on it :).

After reading that several people experienced overflows, I decided to make mine in my blender. To be honest, it seemed like a lot of extra work. I do like the "fluffiness" it has due to the air incorporation. I didn't have any bittersweet chocolate in the house but was able buy a fancy schmancy organic chocolate bar at our oh-so-chic community quick mart.

I used Splenda and halved the recipe - I bought some at Costco and need to use it up and there are only two of us to eat this. Turned out pretty good - not sure I'll make it again.

Doesn't this look pretty boring and pathetic?

Yeah, I though so too. Plus, throwing out that extra egg white did not appeal to my thrifty side. I whipped up the egg white (actually over-whipped) baked it at 250 for one hour and then left it in the oven for another hour. Now doesn't this look better?

Yeah, I thought so too!


Kait's said...

Great idea for the meringue! I ended up freezing mine--I've heard that egg whites freeze well. Your method is much tastier, though :)

CB said...

HAHA! I think the cookbooks with stains are the best kind. Obviously that means they are used right? :)
Clara @ iheartfood4thought

Barbara said...

Congratulations on "breaking in" your cookbook -- you can always tell the best ones by the stains and scribbled notes!

kittymama said...

I agree, nice idea with the meringue! Welcome to TWD.