February 10, 2010

HBin5 February 1st entry (a little late!)

Our challenge for this week was to make the Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread on pages 92-93 in HBin5. I made several significant changes to the recipe: I eliminated the eggs, used agave syprup instead of honey and increased the water to make up for the liquid missing due to omitting the eggs.

We were to make one loaf, hamburger/hot dog rolls and a loaf of Apple Strudel Bread. I decided to make English Muffins instead of hamburger/hot dog rolls. The plain bread and Apple Strudel bread were fabulous. I didn't like the English muffins so much with this dough - I think because it is slightly sweet.

This is the plain loaf. Next time I'll use more dough so that the bread is higher and more suitable for a real sandwich. The texture and taste was amazing. It stayed fresh for several days.

The Apple Strudel Bread was wonderful I used apples and almonds, since that is what I had. The texture was wonderful. We thought it was similar to those little pecan twirls you can buy at the grocery store bakery. In fact, I think I'll try making those this afternoon.