December 14, 2009

2nd HBin5 Bonus Bread

The second bonus bread for the Healthy Bread in 5 is a delicious Whole Grain Challah with Cranberries, Orange and Walnuts. I had leftover Cranberry Relish that I had frozen after Thanksgiving, so I used that in place of the orange zest, dried cranberries and nuts. It turned out great! I made half the recipe again - after all there are just two of us! Based on reviews from other HBin5 "Braiders" I added an extra teaspoon of Vital Wheat Gluten and used White Whole Wheat Flour. While I didn't get much of a rise in the oven, the texture and taste are wonderful. I'm wondering if the lower oven temp has something to do with the lack of "spring." You'll have to head over to Michelle's blog for the recipe - she's our fantastic leader.

Using half the recipe, I was able make two braids and one crown. Here they are before rising.

Look at that crumb, baby!! Moist and delicious.