October 2, 2008

Drumroll Please........................

We have nooks and crannies!!

I was inspired to make English Muffins by Pete over at Pete Bakes, another DC Blogger. And, as always, I used dough from Artisan Bread. This past week I made up a batch of the Light Wheat dough. Following Pete's directions, I formed the dough into balls. I decided to just make four muffins today.

After letting them rise for an hour I transferred them to my wonderful 8" Scanpan skillet. And cooked them for 5 minutes on each side.

After that they were popped into the oven for another five minutes. You need to let them cool for 30 minutes. Then poke a fork around the edge all the way around and care..ful...ly pry the halves apart. Perfection!!

I also made a baguette to use for tonights dinner - but I'll post about that later!